Forest with River and Birds, 1999 Handmade print, 13 x 16 in, 77 x 112.5 cm. Apostolos Koustas, Greece


The very title of this print captures the synthesis of a primordial theme. Koustas
presents us with a space with emblematic images of a paradise lost. Here we observe
the harmonious dialogue between the century-old tree with other trees or branches in
lineal pieces in its interior that suggest gouge cuts on wood or linoleum. In the
foreground, a zigzag shape represents a river with its fish. As the focal point of the
work, supported by wide cuts and in contour with the tree, three white birds can be
seen that, in flight, establish the main curve and circular movement. The colors are
harmonious by analogy and by way of the birds, the presence of the light-dark
contrast of the work’s general design is evident.


Bienal de San Juan, Puerto Rico