This gifted artist’s visual idiom, reflecting his internal world, attunes in the most
inspired way even with the ‘soul’ of his material, which in this truly special case is
cement and not stone. This attunement imposes a unified rhythm and pulse that with
unvarying intensity and breadth always pervades the artist’s personality, his gestural
and aesthetic intervention in his material, his style and the aura of his visual mode of

The creator’s expression is monumental, independent of the specific dimensions of his
works, and the purely material part transubstantiates not only the composition but
even the inextricable bond to the cement plaque, which is animated in his hands, into
an archetype on equal terms.

This archetype is activated into an essential, transcendental and metaphysical
presence. It is a self-reliant presence; here the composition and the surface work
together with exemplary complementation as a unique ‘organism’.

All that we experience – and not simply observe – in Koustas’s works is extremely
evocative and delineates the innovative line between representation and abstraction,
between an immediacy eloquent in intimations and the eternally purported truth,
between the earthly and metaphysical element in order to activate a bond with
cosmogony itself.

Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan - Art Historian & Art Critic